Paul Venomous is an internationally published photographer whose work has graced the pages of dozens of magazines around the world. You can find Paul’s work in magazines like Playboy, Maxim, Tattoo, MMA Magazine, American Curves and more. Having worked with many models, athletes and celebrities over the years Paul has developed a very unique style that has become very sought after in the industry.

Paul Venomous caught the eye of the team behind Nine5Four Magazine in his early years of shooting and quickly became a staff photographer for the Ft. Lauderdale based publication. A few years later he became the chief photographer and eventually was asked to head up the Canadian version of the magazine that launched in 2015 as the Editor-in-Chief. Paul teamed up with Vasko (Studio V) and made him the Chief Photographer of Nine5Four Canada; after the first issue however creative differences lead the team to branch away from Nine5Four and being their own publication. As a result in January of 2016 the two launched VX2 Magazine.

For a list of Paul’s publishing credits please click HERE.